Feng Shui Home Certificate


Teach your children that a house is habitable only when it is full of light and air."

"Teach your children that a house is habitable only when it is full of light and air." Le Corbusier


What is Feng Shui Home Certificate?

Feng Shui Home Certificate, is a unique service in Portugal, developed and created by Feng Shui Consulting by Claudia Moniz, aimed at customers who want to buy, rent, sell their homes and / or because they simply want to have not only a professional report a Feng Shui Certificate Home after consulting analysis.

In practice, and very simply, it is a certification in which your home, or the space where you want to change and start another step of your life, is prepared to receive it in a harmonious and balanced in energy terms.

We all know that a space, be it our home or work place, where energy circulates in a balanced and healthy way, transmits and gives its inhabitants a much more balanced and harmonious life at all levels: physical, emotional and professional .


Advantage for the buyer client:

Acquiring an energetically balanced house favors the departure of family harmony, in the various aspects.

If you buy or lease a home with Feng Shui Home certification, By Claudia Moniz you have the opportunity to see in the plan of your future home the respective divisions, according to the energy potential of the sector in which they are located, with the objective of energetically benefiting the respective members of the family .


Customer Advantage Owner

Selling a home with Feng Shui Certification Home, by Claudia Moniz is selling a property with the assurance that all conditions are met in terms of balance and harmony in space, which per se favors a faster sale and happy customers !!


What does the Certificate include?

When you ask your Real Estate agent for reference the Feng Sui Home Certificate, by Claudia Moniz this will come accompanied by the architect plan where you can easily identify:

All divisions of the house with indication of the layout, orientation and location of the main furniture, always taking into account the relationship between the sector where the room is located, the functionality of the space and the person (s) will / will use.

Suggestive indication of colors, patterns, textures and more appropriate ways to establish the energy balance in each division.


Some examples:

Indication of the room best suited to be "The double room", as well as the indication of the arrangement of the main furniture attending to colors, forms and materials more adjusted for that division, in order to establish the energy balance of the space.

Indication of the room (s) most suitable, taking into account the energy profiles of the child (ren) and / or adolescent (s), with suggestion of the layout of the main furniture.

Indication of the most favorable area to make your office or study room of kids, with their suggestion of the layout of the main furniture and also colors shapes and textures more appropriate, always attending to the energy profiles of who will use this space.

Indication of "difficult" cases typical of most Portuguese houses, such as toilets in the center of the house, missing sectors, mainly the South, existence of stairs, in sectors or more sensitive areas, existing pathologies in the structure of houses, etc. .. and its suggestion to reestablish the energy balance in these zones of the house.

Suggestion of the changes necessary to mitigate the impact of stagnant or harmful energies both physically and emotionally, are absolute priority of our service.


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