about us

About Us

We are a boutique real estate company based in central Vilamoura Algarve. 

Boutiques offer superior customer service and specialized marketing for a small number of clients. 
The hallmark of the boutique company is  focus on quality over quantity. 
We appreciate a work environment that measures success by happy customers rather than aggressive franchise-imposed sales goals. 
Customers feel confident that their account is receiving the greatest possible attention and focus. 


Our Commitment to you: 

Transparency, Honesty and Integrity is evident in all transactions
 – This is the only method we know. 

prides itself on a Professional and Personal service. We always aim to provide quality advice in a friendly sales environment, whilst establishing a close relationship with our clients. Our unrivalled local knowledge is invaluable when helping you find your perfect home whether it is for holidays, rentals or permanent living. We will always have time for you, and we will always be here.
When dealing with BIP you will experience NO High Pressure Sales Techniques and we would never make unwanted calls or consume your time with matters that have no interest to you
We know the area, the laws, the people and how to deal with them, we will be more than happy to share it with you in all aspects regarding buying and equipping a property.
Our philosophy is to offer the highest service levels, not only meeting your expectations, but exceeding them.

We are  estate agents in Algarve licensed  AMI 2921 located in the centre of Vilamoura 

As independent Estate Agents we take pride in providing personal service to all our customers covering  the area Vilamoura and its surroundings, also  dealing in  other areas in Algarve like Albufeira, Loule, Quarteira, Quinta do Lago. 

With most agencies, you might typically be dealing with a number of different sales people. In BIP from the moment you first make contact you will be in touch with one of the partners who will provide a Personal service on all aspects of buying property in the Algarve. 

That means liaising on all aspects of finding a suitable property to staying with you through your dealings with lawyers, promoters, and all the other areas that sometimes can be very difficult to control from a distance, such as furnishings, air conditioning, kitchens, building, utilities gardening and the likes.  

Our experience in the Algarve in resale and new property market is extensive. We will be your personal guide from the moment you first make contact with us, to the time you move into your new purchase. Property in Algarve is in high demand. BIP provides a wide and select range of villas and apartments for sale in the Algarve area. Ideal for holiday use or long term living, our list of properties for sale in Algarve is sure to satisfy your needs. Please click on the links above for more information regarding our villas and apartments for sale. If what you are looking for is not on our list, we will do our best to find it for you. Do not hesitate to contact should you have any further questions regarding our properties.

We are always available for you just an e-mail or a phone call away


透明,诚实和正直是显而易见的,在所有的交易 - 这是我们所知道的唯一方法。

们的产代理在阿尔加维维拉摩拉(电影院附近的中心位于行货AMI 2921

为独立的地产代理,我们感到自豪,提供个性化的服务,我们所有的客户覆盖面积维拉摩拉及其周边地区,也处理其他地区像阿尔布费拉,楼尔, Quarteira市金塔做拉戈阿尔加维。



们的经验在阿尔加维转售及新的房地产市场是广泛的。我们将您的个人导游的那一刻起,你先和我们联系,你搬进新购买的时间。在阿尔加维的物业是在高需求。 BIP别墅和公寓出售在阿尔加维地区提供广泛的选择范围。非常适于度假使用或长期生活在阿尔加维出售的物业,我们的名单是一定要满足您的需求。请点击上面的链接更多有关我们的别墅和公寓出售。如果你正在寻找的是不是我们的名单上,我们会尽最大努力帮您找到它。不要犹豫,联系如果您有任何进一步的问题,有关我们的物业。