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Culture and Tradition Much more than its magnificent beaches and favourable climate, the Algarve offers up its broad and diverse ethnographic heritage as a wonderful complement to its sun and sea.  The Algarve is home to customs dating back centuries, traditions that have survived the ages in the company of the region's built heritage and can be enjoyed all year round. 
Nature and Landscape From the coast up to the hills, there is a wide range of landscapes to explore, each of them special in their own way. The coastline is home to an ecological system of amazing biodiversity - from the indigenous birds with their imposing nests through to the molluscs and crustaceans that have long supplied the regional shellfish sector - perfect for some close-up observation over the course of a long stroll.
Good Living Simultaneously cosmopolitan and rustic, the Algarve may be enjoyed in all its calm or all its excitement, depending on your mood or preference. For those seeking the best in bars and discos, the Algarve nightlife features the very latest in music, and every kind of hot spot has its own respective cult followings. All across the region, there is a plethora of café terraces, discos, marinas, casinos, bars and restaurants providing atmospheres to satisfy all tastes.

Algarve golf One of Europe's top golfing destinations, the Algarve has firmly established its reputation as a quality resort among all enthusiasts. The pleasant climate, with over three hundred days of sunshine, ensures that golf can be comfortably played all year round.

Algarve Beaches Some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the entire world are to be found in the Algarve features all types of coves, cliffs and caves, its rocky beaches contrasting with broad expanses of sand.

Algarve Sport and adventure the best sporting and outdoor activities, the Algarve benefits from the ideal geographical conditions for a huge range of water, land or air-based activities, ranging from the most adventurous to the simply pleasurable

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