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The Plans for Maintenance Facade in the coastal zone, become an essential management tool for any building preventively where the main objectives are to maintain the asset value, the aesthetic appearance of the building in order to promote the best image of a particular place and comfort of users.

Coastal areas are the most aggressive form of affecting the state of degradation of a facade, causing anomalies characteristic of different types, varies slightly from the anomaly of an urban environment within cities.

The FMP of an existing building must follow strategies and periodicities that accuse you periodic actions in order to maintain their source maintenance items in its use during its lifetime.

Follows a defined strategy for materials identification , causes and consequences of  anomalies in order to submit corrective maintenance actions will serve motion correction in which the objective is to restore characteristics of each element , corresponding thus to the PMF strategy as pro plan - active.

On priorities for action urgent matter of performance and security where these two factors are intensified in coastal areas.

The most characteristic anomalies in the coastal zone are identified through :


Manchas_Sj Hm.jpg oxidacao.jpg Sais.jpg micorganismos.jpg Manchas_desc.jpg fissuras.jpg manchas_oxd.jpg
Dirt/Humidity    Oxidation     Efflorescence   Microorganisms Cracks Discloration Corrosion



 Any of these anomalies is based on your appearance, salts, sulfates, salt, excessive humidity, all exacerbated by sea breezes.

Through the analysis of all the factors mentioned and by analyzing the remaining useful life of each FMP referenced façade is possible to propose the Facade Maintenance Plan which are proposed predictive and preventiveactions to support regular inspectionscleanup actionsrepair and replacement for the period will be granted.



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